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How Do You Select the Right Provider?

In today’s ever-expanding and complex global economy, B2B operations that are effectively supported and well-managed can serve as a competitive differentiator—especially as your network of business partners grow and the level of B2B integration complexities grow along with it. This escalates the importance of looking at B2B Managed Services for outsourcing your day-to-day B2B integration programs and selecting the right provider who can accommodate both your current and future business needs.

Key considerations for selecting a B2B Managed Services provider:

  • Do they have a global infrastructure that lets you connect to customers and suppliers anywhere in the world?
  • Do they support the broadest range of B2B translation and communication standards as well as integration mechanisms so you can connect with trading partners large and small quickly regardless of existing B2B solutions, accounting and ERP integration or technical capabilities?
  • Will their solution protect your existing B2B investments while letting you outsource as little or as much as is correct for your business?
  • Do they support the correct range of community management activities such as new partner ramping, synchronizing of inventory data or access to up-to-date product catalogs?
  • Do they have the program and technical capabilities for initial implementation, change management and on-going support in all the regions that you operate?
  • Is their support available in the native languages of your customers and trading partners?
  • Does their B2B infrastructure facilitate local trading law and regulation compliance?
  • Can you scale your service upwards and downwards quickly?
  • Is every part of their service covered by an effective Service Level Agreement?
  • Does the contract they offer have the flexibility to accommodate change without imposing heavy penalties?

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  • Calculate a quantifiable score based on your specific needs and the services offered by each vendor

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